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Addicted to Candybar

the unofficial Candybar doll showcase

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Welcome to the first and only community for fans of the kawaii doll maker Candybar!

This is the place where you can post all your latest creations and comment on those of others. Feel free to post dolls of yourself, your friends, celebrities, or just any cuties you made. Games, quizzes and theme-related entries are of course more than welcome too!

Please Read!

by request, LJ-CUTS ARE NOW NECESSARY for more than three dolls. Don't know how to LJ-cut? Here ya go. :)

also, please POST DOLLS HORIZONTALLY. They look so nice standing next to each other. stacking them on top of each other is not format-friendly.

For the convenience of organization and to the fairness of others ONE POST PER DAY. Also, we ask that you space out your posts a few days, that way everyone can post and feel good knowing that people saw their creations for more than 24 hours. ^.~

it's sad we have to go this far, but please do not join the community to post dolls stereotyping groups [i.e. emo, goth, self-cutters] of people. they're really lame and offensive, and that isn't what this community is about. start your own if you want to post edited pictures of dolls mutilating themselves and stupid things like that. we're not going to tolerate immaturity here.

doll ideas:  recreate a photo

_____ a. make a doll that looks like you, posting a small photo of you with it to show likeness

_____ b. make a doll that looks like someone you know/admire, posting
_____ a small photo of them alongside it to show likeness

_____ c. get creative, do whatever you want, have fun making dolls ^-^

Quick FAQ

Where can I make those kawaii dolls?
1. Official Candybar site  ("the Korean site")
2. eLouai's english version ("the original English site")
3. La maison de candydoll (make your own)
4. La maison de candydoll (pre-made outifts)
5. Le candydoll maker de loubillou (make your own)
6. Sabrina Site (make your own, made by pixeldolls)

How do you navigate the korean site?
The wonderful irisamelia has made an exquisite tutorial at her own journal - see it here!

How do you set up an account on the korean site?
You can not register unless you live in Korea, but you don't need an account to create dolls.

I finished my doll, it's the cutest! Now, how do I save it?
Easy! Press the print screen key on your keyboard and paste the image in your favorite art program like MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop

Where do I upload it? / How do I post it?
First off, you're going to need to have some webspace in order for us to see it. Webspace can often be attained through free image hosting services such as Photobucket - however, we do not particularly endorse PB because the image quality tends to lessen and sometimes people don't know how to post them the right size. Regardless, if you need to use PB, it's there, and it's free and most people can live with it.

Posting images..
In order to have your doll show up in a post after it's uploaded, you have to know what the URL is to the image. This is usually most easily attainable by viewing the image and copying what you see in your browser's URL viewer (or where you type in the links). Remember that if you have more than three dolls, you have to start placing the fourth behind a cut, as well as any reference photos/storylines/how-you-did-it's.

I want my doll to move!
Well, you'll have to animate it yourself using programs such as Jasc's Animation Shop (comes with Paint Shop Pro) or Adobe's ImageReady (which comes with Photoshop CS+).  There are also hundreds of free GIF animation programs if you search Google.  If anyone knows where there is a tutorial on how to specifically animate dolls, please notify one of the mods so we can add the link here -- otherwise, any step-by-step/frame-by-frame tutorial should do just fine!

Community created by fruitlolita But now moderated by kawaiikat & mandalyns / __allodoxa

Drop by and say hi n____n Help/suggestions always welcome!
Please contact one of us if you would like to help moderate the community.

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